In a nutshell

Location: Vienna, Austria
Sector: Computer Vision / Graphics / VR
Job titles: Senior R&D Computer Vision Machine Learning Engineer
Project timeline: 2018 - Present
Services provided: Head hunting contingency search
Placements made: 1

success in a highly
saturated market

We started working with Humai Technologies in 2018 when they were in need of a Senior Computer Vision / Machine Learning Engineer for their HQ in Vienna. We were extremely glad to provide them with computer vision recruitment success.

The team has been around for several years, but still operates in a start-up environment mainly comprised of local engineers. We had a lot of success in computer vision recruitment with Humai technologies, finding several suitable profiles and had 4 offers extended to our candidates.

Due to the highly competitive nature of the computer vision recruitment market, some of these individuals accepted higher monetary offers elsewhere. However, we proved to Humai that we could successfully fill their requirements in a highly saturated area. This was particularly important as they had previously had negative experiences with recruitment agencies, a feeling we have been able to rectify through an honest and open partnership, creating a number of recruiting success stories.

We continue to be the sole supplier for Humai’s Computer Vision / Machine Learning team and foresee a long-term working relationship, in which we will continue to deliver quality results.

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