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Location: UK (Bristol), Switzerland (Neuchatel, Rapperswil)
Sector: Web Technologies and IoT
Job titles: Frontend / Full Stack / Backend / IoT Developers
Project timeline: 2017 - Present
Services provided: Head hunting project to build a new inhouse web development team
Placements made: 5

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Initially working with Semtech on their semiconductor openings, we were quickly asked to help expand their teams in the web technology job market too. We were proud to provide web technology recruitment success. 

They had previously outsourced the bulk of their web development work and were undertaking a large project to build an in-house team to continue the work, which is why our Semtech recruitment services were needed. 

Within 3 weeks, our dedicated Web Development team secured a local Frontend Developer for this new division within the company team, and we have been working on finding the best match for similar web technology job roles including: Frontend, Backend, and Fullstack roles.

If you are a candidate interested in web technology jobs, or our web technology recruitment success, email us on

Alternatively, if you are a company looking for the best candidates for your job roles, visit our contact page here. We are always happy to offer any information you need!

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